The flowers breeze way past good enough
Cause the best is all that will be…

Today, with sleepy grass
and angry, cranky eyes

Cause I didn’t ask for heart failure…

Or chemotherapy for my friend…

No injection tube withering away
into the silence of alone…

With our Maker

On the hospital bed, with sterile tubes
and sheets, and memories of yesterday.

Yesterday’s health a victim of insurance

The very best medical treatment covered

By your policy

Withdrawn heartlessly without your paid deductibles


So now my friend rains down

In the beauty of flowers from the trees

In the breeze of Nature’s life

Reminding us of what is important

What has meaning, what has substance?

And another day does not worry

Being wholly unqualified for such a task

While little lives play life across the street…


Beyond the wind and flowers

And a mother lands close, nearby

Gathering food for helpless chirping wings

Nestled in the branches with my friend

Inside the Hands of God

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